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Sport Specific

At Advance Sports Performance Centres young athletes are constantly challenged and encouraged to push the limits of their physical potential. This is done by focusing on their learning, development and perfecting the specific physical elements of their sport.

Our Performance trainers provide athletes with periodised training plans with each workout crafted to meet the demands of the given sport while challenging the athlete to improve in multiple areas. Whether it be speed, strength, power, agility, acceleration, flexibility or mobility that is required, we will create a bespoke programme based on a thorough assessment.

We are passionate about ensuring that each athlete trains in accordance with long term athletic development (LTAD) and trainers will ensure that each athlete is trained appropriately based on their biological and training age.

We also have running partnerships with private schools and professional clubs allowing us to create professional pathways for athletes from our Performance Centres into teams in their sport.

The advantages of training sport specific aspects more often include:

  • Quicker physical adaptation to training
  • Direct transfer of training improvements into their competitive setting
  • Training in a focused and driven atmosphere with like minded athletes with the same goal
  • Periodised workouts throughout the competitive season
  • Each athlete also benefits from our unique online training platform Amaven.