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Evaluation is an important part of any athlete’s training programme. In order to appropriately design a programme and progress an athlete you must know where they are starting and how to get them to where they need to go – If you aren’t assessing you’re guessing! Our athlete evaluation protocols allow for our trainers to properly and systematically assess athletes of all ages and abilities. This allows us to appropriately plan and prepare our athlete’s training programmes, based on their other individual strengths and weaknesses.

Coaches, parents and athletes can access the results of each assessment via the personalised Online Locker Room, accessed through our Amaven system.

This provides a visual analysis of the fitness components, clearly demonstrating the players starting skill and ability level. Fitness statistics are also displayed, so we can keep track of every aspect of the athletes wellbeing.


Through appropriate programming, each primary element is used to create foundational athleticism and improve overall athletic abilities. The progression of our training system is to gradually layer the three elements with overload variables and proper progressions to continually challenge the athlete to solve the puzzle of complex skills, drills and exercises.

The progression pyramid empowers our trainers to establish the proper athlete profile, training needs and desired outcomes. The Three Level process of Prepare-Progress-Perform avoids the random approach to constructing workouts and gives purpose to each step in the process. The art of constructing workouts and training programming via this system ensures that we find new ways to challenge our athletes based on their abilities and sport-specific demands to transfer towards that competitive moment for the ultimate outcome….Performance!

PPP Pyramid

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