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Advance Live Testing Event (June 2017)

A big thank you to all of you that attended our second Live Testing Event last weekend at St John The Baptist School, Woking....Read more

Have You Found Your Sport?

We hear of many athletes that have been in their sport from a very young age, training and playing in one sport for their...Read more

Foam Rolling: What/Why/How?

In todays world there are a multitude of differing manual therapy products available. Foam rolling has developed from a once puzzling procedure utilised by...Read more

Recovery for the athlete & recovery tools

For athletes, recovery can be defined as the compensation of fatigue and to stabilise in the internal environment of the athlete back to optimal...Read more

Athletes don’t just eat. They eat to fuel, build, recover, and repair. Whether you are training for a particular sport or discipline, taking part...Read more

Are you aware of the dangers of too much SUGAR?

We have been brainwashed for far too long that packaged processed convenience foods in our supermarkets will help to improve health whereas the truth...Read more