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Athlete Centred

Advance Trainers have a systematic approach to improving athlete performance using an Open Architecture approach to training that maximises an athlete’s performance, health and fitness potential. The training is defined by:

▪ Athlete centred
Addressing the specific needs, goals and considerations of the athlete.

▪ Cohesive
Training protocols are aligned to increase an individual’s athletic potential.

▪ Comprehensive
“A 360-degree approach” to developing the total athlete by improving overall athleticism, sport-specific movement, and learning how to manage self discipline to be the best player on and off the field.

▪ Intensity
Challenges all athletes to push past their perceived maximum level of demands.

▪ Measurable
Goal oriented with the philosophy that “improvement has no barriers.” An athlete can always get better.

▪ Progression
Logical training process that embraces individual limitations, recognises athletic strengths, and improves potential weaknesses.

▪ Streamlined
Training an athlete’s body, movement, neurological and muscular systems to be more efficient.

▪ Performance DNA
Express each athlete’s potential by consistently evaluating and evolving the training system.

▪ Purposeful
Training is based on the needs of the athlete, their sport, the seasonal demands and desired outcomes.

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