The future of sports performance training

Advance Trainers have a systematic approach to improving athlete performance using an Open Architecture approach to training that maximises an athlete’s performance, health and fitness potential. The training is defined by:

Athlete centred
Addressing the specific needs, goals and considerations of the athlete.

Training protocols are aligned to increase an individual’s athletic potential.

“A 360-degree approach” to developing the total athlete by improving overall athleticism, sport-specific movement, and learning how to manage self discipline to be the best player on and off the field.

Challenges all athletes to push past their perceived maximum level of demands.

Goal oriented with the philosophy that “improvement has no barriers.” An athlete can always get better.

Logical training process that embraces individual limitations, recognises athletic strengths, and improves potential weaknesses.

Training an athlete’s body, movement, neurological and muscular systems to be more efficient.

Performance DNA
Express each athlete’s potential by consistently evaluating and evolving the training system.

Training is based on the needs of the athlete, their sport, the seasonal demands and desired outcomes.

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