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Cutting Edge Training

When an athlete begins to train with Advance, the initial focus should be on foundational development of the Athletic Engine. This is a crucial phase in development, as it ensures the athlete can focus on developing one (1) primary Element, before the intensity and complexity of training increases. Through the Prepare layer of training, the athlete is able to develop the necessary total body balance, strength and foundational movement patterns to prepare them for the next phase of training.

The next level of the progression pyramid focuses on improving body functioning. In this stage, the athlete becomes better prepared to engage in harder and more complex exercises. Skills, drills and exercises are selected along with training tools to challenge two (2) primary Elements of Ignite Performance Training (Performance Balance + Athletic Movement, Athletic Movement + Integrated Strength or Performance Balance + Integrated Strength). Combining two primary elements together will upgrade and unify the whole body and human system relative to the primary element being trained alone. The athlete must demonstrate that all of the body can orchestrate action cohesively.

The final level of the Progression Pyramid takes an improved Element (Performance Balance, Integrated Strength, Athletic Movement) and challenges the athlete in a way that transfers to game action. Skills, drills and exercises are selected along with training tools to challenge all three (3) Elements of Advance Performance Training (Performance Balance + Athletic Movement + Integrated Strength). Integrating all three elements together adds challenge and complexity commensurate with the athlete’s improved primary element and unified body into the competitive environment.

PPP Pyramid

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